Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A new challenge - 13' Outboard Runabout

Well, 6 months on from completion of my Port Sorell, I have given in and started a new project. Actually, its been taking shape quitely for the last few months with the construction of the frames, but it has now all come out from behind the work bench for the first stages of the build.

I found this boat on the net of course - the plans are from 1949 and I got them free, but having constructed the frames two were significantly 'out' and needed rebuilidng, so I guess you get what you pay for. I hope I now have them right - its been a matter of eyeing up the lines and trimming and adjusting to get what looks like a good shape. The chine is quite thick stock, 20 x 50 mm and was proving a challenge to bend so I split it in two and then glued the two parts in seemed to give a better shape and saved me having to build up a steam box.

Here's a photo of the image from the plans - its called an Arrow and you find it through Google, though most of the 'Arrow runabouts' found on the search are vintage cars!

This is where I'm up to so far - frames in place, chines and clamps glued in, transom framing attached. At the stern in this photo you can see the cowling of the 1974 Johnson 40hp I've bought to go on the boat - not yet running very well but will fit that around the build. I wanted an old looking motor to go with the boat but not quite a 1950's.
I'm fortunate at present to have a double garage for the build, though my wife is keen to get her car back in as soon as possible! The other half houses my Port Sorell.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Completion and Launching!

Here we are finally - some 10 months after the plans first arrived from Selway Fisher - a beautiful day in Auckland arrived just in time for the launch. I'm very happy with the finished product and really pleased with the way she goes. The first day was not uneventful - my two son's-in-law had some interesting times trying to get the two sets of oars working in synch and I managed to lose my little Seagull over the stern due to to slippage on the protective stern bracket I made (though I did manage to hang onto it and in true Seagull fashion she started even after being submerged, though it did take 17 pulls!).

However, she's really a rowing skiff and is such a pleasure to row that I think the Seagull will largely be left at home... So here's the evidence of the finished product: