Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Work continues

Work continues - the topsides

Six coats of International system paint on the bottom and then its back onto the trailer for the fitting out of the inside and
decking. I rolled the paint - I know some people get really carried away and fill and fair and
have their boats professionally spray painted and so on, but I'm trying to do this on a budget and I reckon she looks just fine so far. I've also resisted the trend of fibreglassing everything- the bottom is 9mm thick and apart from some added abrasion resistance fibreglass would only have added to the weight. Call me silly if you like...

Now that she's turned over I'm epoxying and screwing the deck beams in, working out how the seating is going to work, laminating up some extra supports for the floorboards because these are only going to be 10mm thick (Fijian Kauri) and generally getting the inside cleaned up and ready for paint. I'm also trying to get an old cable steering arrangement I pulled out of an old boat up to working order to save me having to buy one.