Monday, October 5, 2009

Well here's the last photo's for a while - all that remains to be done is glue in the floors, fit the thwarts and make and fit knees for them, then sanding and varnishing can begin... probably in a couple of months' time given that I'm back to work next week .

I'm also going to turn up supports for the centres of each of the thwarts, although this will mean that the floorboards will have to be cut in half - though I think they have to be to get them in and out anyway. I am getting very excited about how its all going to look varnished - but a fair bit left to be done before that stage!


  1. You've got a good-looking boat there. I admire your choice of such a labour-intensive design for your first scratch build.

    I got pointed to your blog by Bob on the Selway-Fisher yahoo group. I'm building my second S-F kayak in Auckland, and will be starting a Rhum dinghy in the New Year.

    Cheers, Andy.

  2. Cheers for the offer of the frames Jeremy, but I have the plans for the Rhum and being stitch and tape, there's no requirement for any temporary structures for the build. Maybe you should put it up on TradeMe with a picture f your boat and a link to the S-F designs site?